Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Homeschool Planning

Well now that I have my craft/sewing/homeschool room ready to go, I think it's time to start planning for the new school year. That way I can enjoy the rest of the summer. Typically we homeschool year round but there was a slight bump in our plan this year and I think we will be taking July off.
How do you plan your homeschool year?
I like to write down what I expect each child to learn for that year and then I gather all the needed materials for at least a month in advance and start planning each day.
One thing I've come to realize is that I don't like using a "calendar" to plan my week. Instead, I number my days in a blank grid. That way if something comes up on a certain day, it doesn't mess with the schedule. You know like if you had planned something specific on a Wednesday and all of sudden your child is sick and it doesn't get done then you have to remember to do Wednesday's work on Thursday or Friday and then everything gets thrown off. If you simply # each day then you just wait until you do that number until you move on.
Don't worry, when I get some of the planning done, I'll show you what I'm talking about.

What tricks and time savers do you do?
Happy Planning!


  1. Yes, I learned a few years ago, not to date the weeks of school. Instead, I use Week #1, #2, etc. That way, just as you said, if something comes up and you miss something, you don't have everything dated and messed up. Just numbering the days would be good too and probably work even better.

  2. That is such a smart idea to number the days. I was just thinking about that this week. Now I know what to do.


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