Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art in your Homeschool!

I love to draw. I've been doodling since before I can remember and I am excited about starting a more "formal" Art lesson with the kids this year. 
My oldest, 16, doesn't have my passion of drawing and painting but my 8 year old son does and I know my 5 year old will want to do it just so he can try and out do his older brother. So it ought to be fun to say the least.

To encourage them in Art I had made this "Picture Window" out of one of my Grandmother's old windows from her home in Maine.
I made it to display their art work. It really does encourage them to do a better job as they know EVERYONE that comes in our home will be seeing it. 

This year we are going to use the Rod and Staff ArtPac
It teaches the basics and I think it will be fun!

What do you do for Art?


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  1. LOVE how you display your masterpieces! Joining you from the homeschool village - enjoy the rest of your week! <><

  2. oh - p.s. signed up to follow your blog! I LOVE Charlotte Mason too & use quite a bit of these methods when teaching! Glad to meet you! :)

  3. Love your frame ... what a great idea! ;)

  4. WOW - love your grandmother's window! What a great idea to have a place to display the art - besides my refrig!!

    thanks for linking up today -

  5. Loooove the frame! Someone else from the village mentioned ArtPacs too! I guess I need to check them out!

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. i love how you repurposed the window frame!

  7. I think I am going to have to make some of these! I dont know anyone giving away windows here but I can use a miter saw and 1/2's! Such a great idea for them to have a display place and the statement made on the frame is so awesome!! Love it!
    Wish I knew Rod N Staff had art pacs back when I was buying their curriculum! Looks like fun!

  8. I'm using the ArtPac this year too (ordered from CLE). I need help providing the basics, and it looked like a pretty easy way to do it!



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