Thursday, September 23, 2010

Homeschool Supply Help Please!

I don't know about you but I'm pretty fed up with the cheap pencils that either the lead falls out or the "eraser" doesn't erase, it just smudges everything together or tears your paper to shreds.
When I was a kid I think we had one choice and that was a No.2 Mead pencil. Does Mead still exist? Am I looking in the wrong places?
There was no need to buy separate erasers. 
But I can't seem to find a decent pencil for my kiddos anywhere!
What do you use? Because these aren't working!

Thank you my friends!


  1. I am beginning to wonder if those sales we hit at the start of school are really ripping us off? I wish I had an answer! Seems like we are going through this a lot with my youngest BOY! He has to sharpen his pencil 4 to 5 times as much as my girls. Still not sure if it is a pencil problem or a boy being hard on the pencil problem. UGH!
    One thing I did learn about erasers a while back to get the ones that are WHITE or the bright colored extras that you can place on back of an already used eraser. Those seem to help alot when my kids use the one given as gum. EAK! UGH! YUCK! You'd think that we never give them gum?
    I really like the white base ones at the dollar store during each holiday where you can get about 10 in a package. Oriental trader has great deals on these in bulk but it has to be worth the trouble to order on line! I wonder if their pencils are any better? Hmmmm!

  2. Hi, just happened by this post as a link from the Pumpkin Spice Latte post. I *heart* school supplies, so I thought I'd comment.

    We tried to use regular wood pencils (plain yellow, as well as cutesy ones too) at the beginning of our homeschooling journey. My kiddos were constantly frustrated by broken or dull points, especially my daughter for whom handwriting is torture anyway.

    We switched to mechanical pencils and really like them. My older two (ages 8 and 7) use the Pentel mechanical drafting pencil with .9 mm lead. The barrel is small, so I have been able to slide grips/cushions onto the barrel if needed. The lead is thick enough to keep from breaking easily, which can sometimes be a problem for small hands. My youngest (age 4) uses a Staples brand 1.2 mm lead pencil. They all have separate erasers (Pentel Clic erasers from Target).

    If you want to use a wooden pencil don't buy the back-to-school-sale cheapies. They break easily. I've heard that Paper Mate Black Warrior pencils are the best but haven't tried them. I've never seen them in a store but they are available at Amazon and office supply stores online.


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