Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Back in the Swing!

I thought I'd check in for those of you who actually read this blog.
We are finally moved into our new home but it's been non stop since December. "Official" homeschooling has been sporadic but in that time my 8 year old decided to take it upon himself to polish up his reading. He's doing wonderful! Better than when I was sitting down with him each day. LOL! I guess you never know when that light is going to come on huh? 
I'm hoping to get back into a regular routine soon as it just makes the day go smoother.

Do you have any exciting homeschool projects going on?


  1. It's amazing how much our kids learn on their own. My 11 year old son has surprised me this year by knowing how to spell 90% better than last year! That was one of our goals this year, but he surpassed my expectations - all on his own!

    Right now I am working on getting my teen graduated and starting CollegePlus.

  2. We have to submit portfolios in our state, so we are doing BIG showcase items for it these days.......or at least heading in that direction after pneumonia hit our home recently!

  3. Member of your Homestead blog...glad I found this one!

  4. Hi, I followed you from your comment on someone's blog. Love the hat!

    I homeschooled my kids back in the day. Loved every minute of it.

    You just moved? I hope I can do that one day. Been hibernating here way too long...



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