Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gearing Up for a New Year and a Quick Question

Well we have had some fun this Summer. My intention was to school through the Summer but I realized I needed a break just as bad as the kids did. So I threw caution, along side some homeschool books, to the wind and had a super fun Summer.

I plan on getting back on track the beginning of August. I think we are all refreshed and recharged for the upcoming school year.

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  1. Just discovered that I wasn't actually a follower over here! Shocking! I did pop over occasionally, but now that I'll officially be a homeschooler I have no excuse - LOL! Just no hugs on the comments over here. OK, well you can have hugs, just no big hugs. OK, so there's nothing wrong with big hugs, but I'm not gonna get all creative on ya. HUGS - LOL! :)

    We're going to somewhat follow our Christian school's schedule as that will work best with boy scouts and the kiddo's friends, etc. But we'll start a couple weeks later - in September - Woo Hoo! We'll match the school's 2-week Christmas break and 2-week Spring Break and probably finish the end of May, about a week before the school does.


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